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Monday, September 14, 2009

home canning spaghetti sauce

15 quarts of our finest spaghetti sauce is in the canners right now. ok you got me 14 we had one for dinner. we can our own sauce becouse it's better than store bought . i;e no suger added no junk we dont need in our diet. our garden did'nt purduce at all this year we planted to late and it never got hot . we had only nine or ten days of heat and it has rained almost non stop. so all the goodies cam from the store we put in our sauce this time . we sent 50 lbs of food to a friend of ours mom. here daughter stole her car and left two kids behind and she's on a fixed income. the state is going to provide aid to her but that takes time so we sent some things we need to rotate any way so we killed two birds with one stone.

Deer season is almost apone us i think i will harvest two this year i havent given it much thought but one for sausage and jerky maybe i'l can some for a rainy day and the other for freezer meat.

I would like to agine stress the need to prep both with supply's and money i did the first but i had not planed by putting away at least 6 months worth of cash. we have been set on the grub side but cash money has been a problem i just took a job cleaning out dog kennel's for 6.50 an hr and it's only 4 day's a week 3-4 hrs a day and i have to drive 70 miles round trip but moneys money in this day and age so prep on my friends be ready for any interruption in food or cash ---be strong maddog


American Prepper said...

oooh dear season! I don't have to go far, right out my back door. Hope to see ya back on the road again soon, good luck man.

erniesjourney said...

Getcha some and add it to the preps!!

Staying Alive said...

Start posting to your blog!


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