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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where are the Missouri preppers?


No one wants to give out too much info online but there has to be a way for some of us to get together and plan to help each other when SHTF.

Any ideas out there? We are in southern Missouri.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How To Join The Missouri Preppers Network

Come learn survival, preparedness and sustainable living with us!

The Preppers networks are all about volunteering our knowledge and skills with each other. We share ideas, tips and basically network with each other to survive any type of disaster whether natural, man made, or economic. Information that you learn and share with others will help everyone learn how to find "Freedom Through Teaching Others Self Reliance."

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Monday, September 13, 2010


Hello and welcome to the missouri preppers netwok. I see we are picking more and more followers and am I excited . Many of you know I try and keep my posts pretty simple and i do this for two reasons . First is i live by the rule K.I.S.S -keep is simple stupid. and second is time mine and yours.
So on with todays post is a rehash of an old one prepping in every day life. Man life is as fast paced as ever and well we at home have come up with a few things that help us prep and not command our lives.
First is how we cook ...........
  • We never make less than a gal and a 1/4 of pasta sauce
When we make brisket we cook the whole thing not just half .We do this because we can the left overs. its simple and easy and theres less waste this way .It takes around an hr and a half to can right so after we eat we can whats left and while it's in the presser canner we clean up dinner dishes and spend some family time . Because sitting there watching the little bobber spit off steam is point less you will know if some thing is wrong by the noise it makes ,,

so keep it simple and on the cheap prep on my friends --maddog--

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What to do

keep calm don't panic . Breath in out in out . now take stock what is the problem? am i in danger? can i handle what needs done? if the answer is no to the last leave walk a way no sham no fault you will just be in the way. There is no shame in knowing your limits . no blame or fault . when i was younger a lot younger i took part in several search and rescues including a child birth in a place called the bambi lodge in green meadows ca. i have helped carry out two bodys one dead one alive no problem . so when the child birth thing came up i was gun ho i have see death and can over come that fear lets rock. i have seen a man cleaved in half been covered in someone elces blood no problem lets do lunch so child birth is a walk in the park right? WRONG wrong wrong i went in gun ho and was carried out on a stretcher with a huge knot on my head . there is no sight to compare with the birth of a human baby and the smell i fainted like a weee school lass . i didn't attend the birth of my children tryed with the first and was helped out of the room and placed on 02 till my color returned . i felt small here i have seen blood and guts death . yet i have delivered animal baby's no prob . i have a limit and birth is it . so the doc came to me when i was felling my lowest and explained that she has seen nurses pass out we are all diffrent and we should know are limits . just a little advice get to now your limmits be safe ---maddog--
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have been plagued as of late of the thought of bugging out for economic reason's and have come up with the idea that its not just a good idea its a great idea. As the economic woes pile up as preppers we need a plan . And leaving you money sucking mchome behind makes sence. If i was unable to work i have aflack ( money well spent i have used it before and what they pay is no great sum 1400 a month we made due. now if for some reason i cant work i;e illness they pay me but this time I'm bugging out. I have done the figures and me my wife and our son . my daughters are over 18 and gone off on there own. we could travel the us with one truck and our trailer and live well on about 900 a month 7 if we live cheap that means i would be able to save between 500-700 a month. travel with the seasons to different parts of america and lead a pretty normal life . there would be some changes . we are in the process of turning all our media on to terabite potable drives i;e music and movies . i have a small wasted space in the trailer i;v designed and will install an onboard computer system . the case your computer comes in is for there ease of manufacturer not use so the metal case is not needed and we would still have our laptops but the on board system would be 110 ac or 12 vt dc through a 300 watt inverter all hard mounted in the wasted space and shielded. I'm installing an extra water tank and have 5 propane bottles around xmas i will replace the old stove with a new one (289) and have plans for 2 solar panels on the roof under 1/2 in lexan for protection. we bought a h&h 12 ga and have shortened the barrel to 20 inches . it has a hard mount in the trailer i have added a corbra 25 cb with weather channels and hope to add a shortwave just after xmas . we have a 1800 watt geni with 12 volt for power and a 12 volt fridge i use in my truck it only holds 48 qts.

Some key points i need to point out are
  • keep your tow rig clean as well as your trailer . this might require monthly washes in town.
  • maintance is top priority if it can run its no use to you .
  • personal hygene is just as important as a clean ride . dont look like a bumm clean clothes at all times your best on when driving down the hwy. i have a friend who's a hwy patrolman and they look for dirty cars and dirty people ether one shows them you are not taking care of your car
  • nothing just thrown in the bed of your truck ( i'm building custom boxes for mine ) every thing secure on the trailer
  • good tires and a good spare
  • floor jack and 4 way
  • xtra belts and hoses
  • repair manual
  • tools
  • xtra water and oil
  • replace your belts and hoses now and keep the old ones if there still good( doing so now will teach you how to do the job when and if the time comes) and will give you a good xtra set for later
  • xtra starter and altanator from a junk yard ( have them tested at you local auto parts store) you dont want to be stranded in the middle of nowere and helpless ( belts hoses and xtra starter and alt will fit in a milk create as will you xtra oil and antifreeze...
  • tools to have --craftsman 99 dollar set plus screwdrivers, vice grips x2, channel locks. wire cutters and crimpers . dont skimp on cheap tools .50 cal ammo can for tools not included in 99 dollar set both will fit behind the seat of o pickup ..
  • cleaning supply's in a bucket of some kind
  • rags
  • xtra plugs and wires
  • 2 cans fix a flat, a 12 volt compressor . i carry a small 110 one that can be run off geni. tire plug kit plus i have green slime in my trlr tires .
  • check tires every day and every 2 hrs while moving fro leaks nails . never lower the tire pres on a hot tire . when it cools it will be flat
  • 2 rolls duct tape and black tape
  • 30ft tow strap or log chain in 50 cal ammo can ( i sprayed wd-40 on my chain so grim wont stick
  • leather gloves ( a blown tire is like a razor)
  • sewer drain hose and xtra cap
  • wd-40=== always spray the tire studs before you put the tire back on and ck that the lug nuts are tight after 50 miles
  • tarp to lay on ( i cut up an old boat cover) i also carry hand cleaner (waterless) and coveralls 3 sizes to big ( keeps clothes clean) and take off you shirt first so if oil spills on you it wont soak into your good clothes
  • safety equipment should include-- flares x4 reflector triangles (use them ) fire extenuwer x3 one in trlr ,one in cab and i have one bolted to the fire wall under the hood and of course a firstaid kit in the cab. i also have a tire knocker from a truck stop it has never touched a tire ( wink wink) led light in tool box and a mag light both in the trlr and bolted in the cab (drivers side behind the seat in a piece of pvc w/ a cap on one end.
  • good cb for talking with the truckers
  • personal items
  • this is just the basics i carry much more but is a good starting point for any one be safe---maddog==

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