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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What to do

keep calm don't panic . Breath in out in out . now take stock what is the problem? am i in danger? can i handle what needs done? if the answer is no to the last leave walk a way no sham no fault you will just be in the way. There is no shame in knowing your limits . no blame or fault . when i was younger a lot younger i took part in several search and rescues including a child birth in a place called the bambi lodge in green meadows ca. i have helped carry out two bodys one dead one alive no problem . so when the child birth thing came up i was gun ho i have see death and can over come that fear lets rock. i have seen a man cleaved in half been covered in someone elces blood no problem lets do lunch so child birth is a walk in the park right? WRONG wrong wrong i went in gun ho and was carried out on a stretcher with a huge knot on my head . there is no sight to compare with the birth of a human baby and the smell i fainted like a weee school lass . i didn't attend the birth of my children tryed with the first and was helped out of the room and placed on 02 till my color returned . i felt small here i have seen blood and guts death . yet i have delivered animal baby's no prob . i have a limit and birth is it . so the doc came to me when i was felling my lowest and explained that she has seen nurses pass out we are all diffrent and we should know are limits . just a little advice get to now your limmits be safe ---maddog--
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