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Monday, September 13, 2010


Hello and welcome to the missouri preppers netwok. I see we are picking more and more followers and am I excited . Many of you know I try and keep my posts pretty simple and i do this for two reasons . First is i live by the rule K.I.S.S -keep is simple stupid. and second is time mine and yours.
So on with todays post is a rehash of an old one prepping in every day life. Man life is as fast paced as ever and well we at home have come up with a few things that help us prep and not command our lives.
First is how we cook ...........
  • We never make less than a gal and a 1/4 of pasta sauce
When we make brisket we cook the whole thing not just half .We do this because we can the left overs. its simple and easy and theres less waste this way .It takes around an hr and a half to can right so after we eat we can whats left and while it's in the presser canner we clean up dinner dishes and spend some family time . Because sitting there watching the little bobber spit off steam is point less you will know if some thing is wrong by the noise it makes ,,

so keep it simple and on the cheap prep on my friends --maddog--

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