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Monday, August 9, 2010

Slice of Time

Tho just a snapshot of the past . A place long forgotten by the people who lived a life of hard times and rugged independence far from the sounds of the city . Yet there stands there testament to life in the desert southwest of El Paso , TX . a city has sprung up around it . Yet there it sits a top a small knoll over looking the progress of man . Silent it still tells the tell of time past . Of sun and sand and maybe love . I took this photo on Aug 7th 2010 in Santa Teresa ,NM behind on of our plants (tyson) i asked why it was spared and no one knew .But there it sits bold as day right behind a multi million dollar factory . left untouched and standing as a testament to what end ????????--maddog

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Anonymous said...

I love old places like this, standing as testaments to human perseverance and dedication to loving and protecting those they love. The weeks of hard, hand labor to build shelter and a home. Human dreams that came and went but left a mark on the landscape saying "we were here, we laughed, loved, lived and died as true people".

Joel the K said...

Thank You for posting this photo Mad-Doggy. I truly appreciate the fact that this dwelling still stands, in spite of everything which has sprung up around it. I would suggest that it is a very special place. Perhaps that small structure was built on what I call a "power place". Maybe Holy ground, where a medicine Man prayed long ago, or maybe an angel appeared in that spot in another age, and the vibration still remains. It is a mystery, and I love it. Thanks again Mad-Doggy.
---Joel the K

Survival Chick said...

Beautiful, glad to see it still standing.

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