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Friday, January 30, 2009


I was sitting the other day making a list of all i need to get with my tax return and relized i have a lot to get--
  • 2 folding shovels
  • 3 hatchets
  • 2 compasses
  • 2 fire starters
  • 3 machete's
  • 1 new axe handle
  • 1 new pick handle
  • 3 folding saws
  • rope-550
  • 1 buck 119 (for daughter
  • light sticks
  • tea candles(mine did the Houdini)
  • shortwave transceiver
  • 9mm ammo
  • 45 ammo
  • 30-30 ammo
  • reloading press
  • optics
  • 6 sets bdu,'s 2 sets per person
  • still have to make B.O.B for 3 year old(he con lift and carry 14 lbs)he has 2 sets camo
  • holsters for B.O.B.s
  • pistol for daughter(hi-point .45)wife has same gun in her bob w/4 mags
  • first aid kits for B.O.B.s(will make my self and vacuum seal )
  • 1 leatherman for wife
  • bow and arrows
  • canteens-7 (2 per person)
  • 4 mess kits(army)
  • rain gear
  • tent (the bobs just get tarps)
  • sleeping bags
  • ground mats
  • 4 8x10 tarps
  • poncho liners
  • boots for daughter
  • case mre's 3 for each person
  • 6 Bic lighters
  • so were are you in your preps?we want to know
  • so till next time ----keep your powder dry--MADDOG


American Prepper said...

Maddog, good info. Bring the Capslock back! Big and solid like a trucker.

from a fellow trucker,

Dr. Richard said...

If you have not filed your returns, do so immediately. I got mine done this week - Virginia efiled and Federal express mailed (couldn't efile because of R&D tax credit). Use the proceeds of your tax refund to increase your preparedness level. Maddog - all of these are good items but different people have different needs and starting level of preparedness. My #1 priority is to get a wood stove insert for my fireplace so I have an alternative heat source to natural gas. My #2 priority is 3d Gen night vision.

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