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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The well armed Prepper UPDATE

Over the years we have talked about the well armed prepper. What guns we should have in your preps. I fell I have failed my readers in this area and will make amends today. After having talked to some friends of mine who teach personal protection classes . We talked alot about the untrained person and they pointed out some very good points I must cover first in the use of shotguns for defence . there is a human condition called SHORT STROKING of a pump shotgun --- this accrues when the slide is not fully slid all the way back and then moved forward causing a incomplete ejection and a jam when the next round is chambered. It has been told to me that the only way to overcome this is practice lots and lots of practice--- I would have never have thought of this because I shoot a lot 300 rnds last time I was home and i do this regularly.
So if you don't practice this can happen to you when it counts there for them who don't have the time to practice I would recommend you get a single shot topper ( most shotgun battles end after the first shot) --maddog

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Thanks so much Paul ... can't wait to try this recipe and you're soooo right about love and food ~ the best food is full of love ... and butter!

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