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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm a Cowboy and a AMERICAN

I don't wear chaps but I do wear jeans.

I ride a different kind a horse.

I don't push forty head of bad tempered steers.

I do push forty ton of steel.

Like the cowboy of old I"m

devoted to my craft. For I am a cowboy.

Rain,snow,or shine I'm here.

Be it day or nite, hot or cold

I push my load to market.

I like the cowboy of old

have the greatest view of our

nation. Big bold beautiful


My country my land my home.

The land of my fathers who would

weep for the nation the freely gave of blood

and LIFE to ensure FREEDOM for the son's.

What do I have to give? and to whom do I have it to share?

I would give of my life for my AMERICA.


FREEDOM a word that's on its way out.

I cry for my brothers who went

before me . Were there lives wasted?

At what point do Americans stand up?

I'm standing on the apex screaming

and my voice go's unheard . My body

shakes with anger at the silence.

I have seen America through a windshield

and she is mighty . Her PEOPLE strong

but still I stand alone as darkness

fall's on our nation I will fade to black

a footnote in some paper lost to history.

My line a SLAVE to the STATE.

forgotten are the HERO'S

Falling victim to time and lost are

the pages of the book of liberty.

for she to will be gone....



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