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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Sorry been in a slump as of late. A large black hole I had to overcome but all better now. So here you see dinner from the last time I was home and in the style of http://www.mausersandmuffins/ FOOD and GUNS

Nasty gooey enchiladas (mild) smothered in cheese. Talk about a pick up after five weeks on the road. Made with taco seasoned turkey meat .( a buck a pound) Olives onions and green chilli's wrapped around by love. Food is not just fuel for your body but a great healer.
HERE is the red ones fresh from the oven ...(wipe your mouth)

And no table is set till the utensils are in place. Food and guns a great combo .There will be peace at my table.

The cat (sneezy) expresses my feelings after dinner comfy spot and a nap. We all have slumps but remember it will get better . as a side note i also got a .50 cal bp rifle can't wait to get home to shoot it. Be safe and have fun in the kitchen ----maddog

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