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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hello my name is Maddog. Let me tell you a little about myself. They call me MADDOG because when like a dog I bite....I"m a free thinking AMERICAN male who wish to survive what ever is thrown at me . I have been a life long study of people, guns, self defense,trapping and planing for the unthinkable..I'm have shoot everything from the .22 short to the mighty 50 bmg. I have survived in climates from the high Rocky's to the heat of the low dessert. I love the out of doors and have walked untraveled trails and seen first hand what kills a person in the wilds of America. all to often the basics is missed we as a people have moved away from the summer vacation with mom and dad . To a summer of TV and theme vacation's were we are safe from reality. Drugs are the great escape we pop pain killers dished out by the hand full for the slightest pain. a quick trip to a perfect place. Weed to mellow out and chill all an escape a cop out. I live with what life hands me good or bad I face it head on. you can leave the drama home for to survive the truth is your most lethal weapon . It can give you strength and the courage to face what might come. I prep because i know the truth . there are no sure things stuff happens and i know I'm on my own me and mine know that what comes we will face together good bad twenty years I and my wife (angie) have endured pain (the lose of a child) sorrow (oldest making bad move) and happiness ( our 3 healthy kids 20,18and 4 ) we have faced it clear of head and grown stronger as people and a couple. I prep for the day I can't sounds dumb i know but there will come a time when by nature or man the shelves will be empty . A time were money won't buy you anything because there wont be anything to buy ..........WHY that is the million dollar question ? I would have to say i prep because in my hart of souls it is the right thing to do . I fell responsible for myself and that of my family not just the providing food and shelter but protection as well. so now you know a little about me now on to the good stuff ----------------MADDOG

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