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Friday, June 11, 2010


Abby has set off her eperb some were in the Indian sea . had a couple of bad days was knocked down at least 3 times and had some kind of engine trouble.. found alive upright but demasted ...bust... I shed a tear for Abby to have come so far and now this. A young lady at sea solo fighting for her dream . I hope she try's again to go solo around the world it would be my honor to donate money to her cause. The courage she has far exceed that of most grownup's and the love and courage of her parent's BRAVO BRAVO most would have locked there child in the basement (padded) so the little GIRL wont be harmed and called a shrink. ABBY is truly one in a million she has courage ,passion and I would bet a strong love of FAMILY, GOD, COUNTY..

I have read several colons that say OMG they put a baby in harms way. I say B.S. a YOUNG LADY has undertaken a task most grown men would piss themselves over ( including myself never would do it solo) and are THREATENED in the manhood. If one of my daughters would have come to me with such an idea I would have let them do it. We all take risks hell getting up in the morning is a risk ,driving, walking,etc... my time is short today so i say .......GO ABBY GO ABBY GO.........................MADDOG............abby's blog is http://soloround.blogspot.com/

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