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Sunday, June 13, 2010

bad day

arggggggg.....A little story ...maddog and mary raise 2 daughters teach them right from wrong provide well for them . Maddog works his ass off so mom (mary can stay home with the children. They make the mastake of public school . Maddog is blind sided when at 17 oldest daughter says she quiting school and moving out to go whoreing with a 23 year old felon who we will call fark head well the two of them breed and bug is born .. ma and pa leave there 18 mo old home alone to go party . cps takes bug and maddog and mary are sad but finily get the child into rehab...COOL bug will be placed on monday with mommy at rehab maddog and mary rejoice . Mary call daughter lastnite to her surprize child has left rehab with cocksucker there by voiding her parental rights . Now maddog and mary are very sad they have lost a grand child to the state of ar and maddog will now be forced to do a late term abortion on oldest daughter and fark head as soon as he can find them . This makes maddog very sad but some folks should not be alowed to mate . and to top it off youngest daughter want to join the caraval . With all that has happen in one day i have come too the conclusion aarggggggggggggggggggggggg

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1 comment:

Rhino said...

Hang in there buddy,you can only do your best to raise them,the rest is up to them.Good luck

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