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Monday, July 5, 2010

Now's the Time to Order Multiplier Onions

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I wanted to give readers a heads up on an important survival gardening tip.

Southern Exposure Seeds is one of the few sources I know of that carries yellow multiplier potato onions. These are well worth having in your garden because they multiply bulbs underground. Save out the largest onions you harvest in the summer, and you'll have onions to plant for next year's crop.

I just harvested a nice bunch of small to medium-sized onions. I'll plant the largest ones in September and will give them some protection over winter so they'll come back next spring.

These yellow onions are milder than most regular varieties. My wife doesn't care for the smaller onions, but I think they're great tossed in with a crock pot of roast beef, potatoes and carrots.

Southern Exposure says to order now while they still have these onions in stock. They'll send them in time for fall planting. They're online at http://www.southernexposure.com .

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