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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm back

I'm back been a lot happing in my life. I finely got hired on at Tyson's long haul div. I never knew how much of the market Tyson's is in .or the quality control they go through . it's been three weeks now and so far so good . Prepping has been slow due to my last job trying to starve me and other drivers out . Next on my list of projects is a hide-a-way gun safe for apartment dwellers and a storage cabinet for storing your home canning in a limited space. the prototypes should be done at the end of next month. our garden is coming along great should be a great crop. I would like to say our prepping has helped us get through these last weeks. Money has been tight so as it is with most of america. We have made some planning changes we will be buying silver to augment my retirement along with some stocks and muni's . We will also invest in local small company's and start up's risky I know but we have little faith in the current market. It will be at least another 6 weeks before we start investing and then on a limited basis. As our cash reserves are gone. SO TO ALL MY PREPPER FRIENDS LIVE WELL LIVE SMART AND KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY......MADDOG,,

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