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Monday, May 24, 2010

Country dont know country

As I sit here in little rock ,ar waiting for my load to arrive by a driver who is never going to get here. It's 0500 and I'm waiting for my coffee to make ( takes 30-45 min in a 12 volt pot) the driver was to be here at 0400 and at 0430 he is still 300 miles out and not moving . If you need to know how to waste a good nites sleep just call. I'm listening to the radio and these guys are singing about being country. In the back woods down in the hollow . Well they know shit I live in the back woods down in the hollow I'm the last telephone pole on the line 10 miles of bad dirt road. heavy rain or heavy snow we cant get out road flooded or hill to slick to get up with out chains and a four wheel drive. Power loss for up to three weeks (winter of 04 or 05). I live here because it's cheap. I live a very modest lifestyle HILLBILLY to most my floors are wood for mud sticks to carpet. I piss on the big tree because its easier on the septic system. I hang dead animals from the tree for skinning ,We dont lock the front door because I dont know if it works.we drive old cars and trucks the newest is my wifes 91 ford explorer because the new shit wont hold up. I have two chain saws three spliting mauls and a barn full of hand tools. WE have a large garden, we raise rabbits for meat.I shoot and kill wild animal's for food. And I dont need shit from no one the rest of the world can kiss my HILLBILLY badonkadonk. Thats country my children are well feed would run naked if allowed and my inlaws don't bath. We belive in family god and guns. We take care of our own .We dont get no govment money we pay taxes and I could careless for the man in Chicago with his tin cup out die or get a frigen job . No I'm not a prick never turn a soal from my table. We feed most of my wifes family because only her uncle billy has a job and is a BINGO feind . So we take care of our own THATS COUNTRY .I dont need to worry about my wifes care breaking down if she has a flat SHE changes it . if the trany goes out her brother would be there in an hour or two to fix it . We take care of our own . We run low on wood while I'm on the road a load will be delivered asap with no money needed . We will pay later for we take care of our own. Sister inlaws mom needs moved come get one of my trucks you owe me shit. We dont turn family away NOW THATS COUNTRY ---maddog___P,S a little strong today with my words lack of sleep --peace

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1 comment:

Did it MY way said...

My kind of COUNTRY. God Bless.

See Ya.

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