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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Sunny Side Of Being A Kid

I just had a great read over at www.thewilderboys.blogspot.com . Funny how at 40 it seams that just a short time ago I was young and running wild with my brothers. But the years pass and we grow up to become adults and soon forget the fun of being a child. Have we become so involved with the day to day that we forgot what true fun is? A roll in the mud ? A swim down at the beach ? Just you and your brothers up before dawn planning your next pirate raid or how we wont get busted this time for ridding all the way over to knox berry farms on the RTD (the bus) just to ride the new roller coaster? The gifts we have while being young we leave laying around and forget as the sands of time progress. Carefree and wild lost to the grind . we have alot to learn from these boys .We have work to do but we can have fun doing it too. So slide on over there and remember what is was to be young. ........maddog.......

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APN said...

Hey thanks for the link to the wilderboys

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