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Friday, May 21, 2010

Survival Knives

Survival Knives are sold a dime a dozen. These are useless as tits on a boar hog easily broke and never stays sharp . Lets break it down to the basics. What are we seeking in a knife/ survival Knife. We want safety that means we want a knife with a quality blade made to the highest standards .We want a solid grip one that is comfortable in our hands . We want a knife that retains its edge and we want one we can afford. We don't need RAMBO'S Knife.try and skin a rabbit with one of them things. We have been sold a bill of goods by smart advertisers who assume that like all things america we need big. In almost a survival situations you wont have to kill a barr with your bare hands and a knife two foot long. Lets look back to our grandfathers to help set the tone for our knife . Granddad didn't pack some five pound hunk of steel on his hip . It was a knife with a blade four to six inches long a good grip and leather sheath. Some of these were bring homes from the war including the mighty KBAR marine corp fighting knife. Today we still have choices that fall into this group and at fifty bucks or less and can be bought at any wally world . These include the BUCK 119 ,GERBER GATOR or the KBAR who has also entered in to making hunting knives for under thirty five bucks . GERBER is also
offering a good knife for around twenty bucks called the PROFILE II . S.O.G is another great brand . My point is get a good one . My grandpa carried a BUCK as well as my dad he has carried his thirty plus years . I have two BUCK 119's I carry one in my B.O.B and my wife carry's the other . I do carry a WWII Nazi officers knife my grandpa's brother used on said officer blade forever stained made of the finest steel on this planet razor sharp and the last time i sharpened it was some time in the late eighty's I skin rabbit and deer with it on a regular basis . So no mater witch one is your choice buy a good knife your LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.....maddog

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Anne said...

I bought my husband a leatherman tool.. which is like a swiss army knife of tools. As he does construction work and as well does a lot of rock climbing, camping and the like it gets used frequently.

Just something handy, folds up well, made in the USA, durable/rugged, and practical. The case has belt loops and it is unobtrusive. Worth looking into.. and worth every penny. Especially as sometimes stuff happens when your toolbox isn't on hand.

Anonymous said...

I have a smaller version of the 119, the Special. It works great for splitting off some wood to get a fire going, chopping up veggies and cleaning fish.

I keep a Swiss Army Spartan on my key chain, I don't know how people can function without a Swiss Army knife; I use mine all the time. And if TSHTF the Spartan has a can opener, bottle opener and a cork screw! Try opening a bottle of wine with a Rambo knife.

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